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how can reflexology balance me?

Chi Reflexology is a gentle wholistic non invasive therapy which is based on the Chinese principle that your feet mirror your body. By using a combination of pressure techniques (sedating or stimulating) on various points on the feet that correspond to different parts of the body, Chi Reflexology helps unblock, release energy and improve circulation allowing the flow of energy to be restored and gently assist the body back to balance on all levels.

Clients report that they experience many benefits for several ailments when including Reflexology in their wellness regime and found it highly beneficial when used as a preventative measure.
Clients report that Reflexology:
Reduces stress and relaxes muscle tension
Improves circulation
Calms the nervous system
Increases vitality
Improves sleep quality
Boosts lymphatic function
Elevates mood

For well being the best results are achieved on a regular basis, only you will know how often you need this service.







I practice Chi Reflexology at the following locations:


I have been practising Reflexology since 2000 and Chi Reflexology since 2012

Since moving in 2011 from Mandurah WA to the Adelaide Hills I have undertaken a new and positive direction in which I can fulfil my vision of living and working in a Natural & Healthy environment while facilitating education and healing for my clients in a nurturing, compassionate,professional manner and follow my passion practising Chi Reflexology.

I am a committed volunteer within my community offering Chi Reflexology in Palliative Care at Country Health Connect Mt Barker, Pamper Days for the Cancer Support Group Mt Barker. 

Once a month I travel to the Yorke Peninsula and offer a Reflexology service at 'Hair and Beauty on Main' Minlaton. 


Anne is considerably gifted and knowledgeable in her chosen field of Reflexology and is one of the best I have ever been to. She has the ability to be professional yet caring and I always leave her sessions feeling nurtured.                                                                                                                                                           

Jo...Bioresonance Therapist Adelaide

I find Anne’s Reflexology treatments to be very relaxing, calming and grounding. I feel uplifted for the remainder of the day. As I usually see her on a Friday afternoon it finishes the day beautifully, and erases all the stresses of the week.                                                                                                                               

 Amanda...Diabetic Nurse Stirling

Anne is passionate about Chi Reflexology and provides the most wonderful treatments to her clients, with excellent outcomes.
Anne loves to share her knowledge of Chi Reflexology and has opened up her home on many occasions to provides workshops to other therapists. I personally have benefitted from Anne’s knowledge which has added to my treatment outcomes.                                                                                              

Denise.....Complementary Therapist Mt Barker SA

I live with a severe auto immune disease and unlike conventional massage and Reflexology , Chi Reflexology gives me no detrimental repercussions to my vulnerable constitution. It lifts me, gently supports me and strongly brings me back to myself... self empowerment.                                                                                 

 Beth ...McLaren Vale SA

Foot reflexology by Anne, so much more than a foot rub! A deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience that I highly recommend for anyone.

Traci ... Yoga Instructor, Minlaton SA



reflexology in the workplace



Providing a professional and time efficient workplace Reflexology service while delivering a solution for workplace stress.

I provide staff with a 15 minute seated Reflexology/foot massage, fully clothed,from a comfortable Reflexology chair, in quiet room away from their work stations.
The techniques used improve motivation and mood for employees on their feet, reduces muscle strain and tension for computer uses and improves focus for employees in high stress positions.
Staff return to their work stations revitalised,motivated and focused for improved productivity.



I am the Founder and Director of Body Moves Massage Therapy and I co-ordinate Corporate Massage & Reflexology for a multitude of corporate clients across Australia on behalf of my own business as well as my major client Bupa Wellness and Health at Work.  Anne has always been very prompt and professional in our dealings and always very obliging when clients request last minute changes. I have always enjoyed dealing with Anne as she has a very approachable, friendly manner. This is of the utmost importance when treating new clients in their workplace or clients that have come from busy or stressful work environments looking for some therapeutic relief from their hectic schedules. The feedback I have received from Reflexology assignments Anne has conducted has always been very positive and I’m grateful to have had Anne represent my business.

Marisa Alacqua, Director, Body Moves Massage Therapy, Sydney



Chi-Reflexology is a unique approach developed by the founder, Moss Arnold, which combines the Chinese philosophy, including the Chinese theories of life and the universe, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with the science of Reflexology. The result is a unique approach that emphasises a wholistic and balanced approach to Reflexology, resulting in a consistently followed perspective of the feet - the Anatomical Reflection Theory, the feet mirror the body. In fact, Moss is the first in print to state a consistent perspective and to follow it!

Chi-Reflexology represents the philosophies of the East and West coming together in theory and practice for the benefit of all. Chi is the Chinese term for energy, including human energy, or life force; it is the building blocks of the Universe, and as such Chi-Reflexology brings life, vitality and awareness to Reflexology.

The principles of East and West are combined to promote a multi-faceted perspective of the nature of health and well being, via a variety of diverse fields of study, and their relevance to the vibrant science and art of Reflexology.


Reflexology PRICING

30 minutes:   $50

60 minutes:   $80






To book an appointment or further enquiries please contact Anne direct on 0407 974 287